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Health is such a diverse topic. While there are many standards and established practices to healthy living, it is actually a very dynamic field. The research and information for healthy living is constantly developing, with the discovery of new technologies and practices.

With everything moving so fast, these new pieces of information can fly over people’s heads. People may never find them out.

One way to keep up-to-date with the new health trends and developments though is to subscribe to and read blogs.

There are a lot of great blogs out there right now, with more popping up every day. Blogs give us a glimpse on multiple points of view and experiences. These allow for more ideas to be presented, and for the best one to rise to the top like cream.

Let’s take a look at several health blogs you can check out and subscribe to.

Weighty Matters

The first blog we’ll be looking at is called Weighty Matters. The blog is written and managed by Yoni Freedhoff, a doctor and professor at the University of Ottawa.

In Freedhoff’s blog, he talks about things that have to do with people’s weight. This blog is a little bit different than your standard health blog though. When you read that it is a blog about weight, you are probably thinking it contains articles on diets and exercise.

While he does cover that a little bit, Freedhoff actually focuses more on the society’s perception on certain things that contribute to people’s weight and health.

One example is sports drinks. People think that whenever they head to the gym, they need to drink these types of drinks to stay hydrated. However, as he explains, it just isn’t the case.

Apart from that, he is vehemently against how media and advertising portray certain things to people that just aren’t healthy.

Finally, Freedhoff showcases current medical studies that are connected with weight and health.

The “Weight Matters” blog is a very scientific and medical view of the things around us that can affect our health and our waistlines.

Healthy. Happy. Life.

Next, we have the blog called “Healthy. Happy. Life.” This health blog is written by Kathy Patalsky. She has authored a couple of books on vegan topics, and has another blog called “Finding Vegan”.

Patalsky’s mission in life is vegan at its core. She hopes to convert more people to eat more vegetables and become vegan. While she cares about people’s health, she also cares about the lives of animals.

Her blog is a veritable smorgasbord of vegan recipes. Whether it be pastas, cakes, meals, you can find delicious and healthy recipes.