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2 New Diets to Try Out This Year

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Diets are an integral part of people’s lives. Well, this is obvious because people have to eat everyday to survive. However, what they eat is important as it can dictate how healthy people are and even prevent illnesses and diseases.

The understanding of food and diets has evolved over the past years. Now, there are a great number of diets out there that people can follow, all with their different factors and perks.

Let’s take a look at several of these new diets that you can follow today.

Mediterranean Diet

Named after the sea, the Mediterranean Diet takes the habits of the folk that live around the eponymous location. The question is, why did this diet come to be?

Research showed that people who lived around the Mediterranean Sea suffered less diseases than people in America. These included cardiovascular problems and even cancer.

The biggest reason was the diet that the people there consumed. Essentially, these people ate things that did not have that much sugar or saturated fat.

In order to follow this diet, you have to know what to eat. Vegetables and fruits are always good, so you can start integrating these into your diet. You can also start introducing whole grains, beans, nuts, and many more.

Following this diet can help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Most of the food included here is aligned with what people can and can’t eat if they are diabetic.

Apart from that, this diet can help you lose some unwanted pounds. A study done a couple of years ago tested more than 7000 people with diabetes. Some of these were given this diet to try. They were the ones who lost the most weight.


Next up, we have the Flexitarian. This particular diet brings together both the flexible diet, and the vegetarian diet.

This specific diet focuses on five particular food groups that you have to introduce into your life. First of all, we have things like eggs and beans. This group is considered a “new meat”, as it is not a meat source but provides significant protein.

Next there are fruits and vegetables, which more often than not tend to be a staple in most diets. Then there are whole grains and dairy. Finally, and probably most surprising, comes spices and sugar.

As the name suggests, the flexitarian diet is one that focuses mostly on plant-like foods, but being flexible enough to eat meat and other things whenever you want to. It basically allows people to gain the benefits of being a vegetarian while still being able to eat meat.

Looking at how it works, it seems like the creator – Dawn Jackson Blatner – took the best practices of dieting and rolled it into one.

For one, you focus on fruits and vegetables. Avoid any processed foods. When eating protein, go for the “new meat” proteins. Try to avoid sugars and meat, but every once in a while, why not?

Due to its mostly vegetarian background, there are many health benefits associated with being a flexitarian. Weight loss is one obviously. It is also a good way to prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers.

We hope you found the right diet for you and that you can subscribe to it and make it work for you.

Whatever diet you choose and for whatever reason you choose it, just remember that discipline is key. Also, always remember exercise goes hand in hand with diets. Doing so will give you the maximum benefits and help you reach your goals quicker.

Statistics and Facts About Hair Loss Research

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There is one persistent problem that constantly plagues men and women from all around the world. Some people – especially the men – see it as the end of the world when they encounter this problem. This problem is hair loss.

Some people believe in the power of science though. They still hope that it can be reversed. Can it though?

Let’s take a look at how hair loss research is shaping up these days.

The Affected

Hair loss is something that a lot of men go through. It is termed as male pattern baldness.

Statistics say that not all men will have male pattern baldness. However, a majority of men will go through it. By age 40, more than half will have it. By the time men reach 50 years old, the statistics increase to more than 80%. It seems an inevitability when time is taken into account.

Despite what the statistics say though, men will be able to tell early on if they are losing hair or not. It is said that some men will be able to tell as early as 21 years old.

With all this talk of men, and the fact that it is called “male pattern baldness”, people tend to forget that guys aren’t the only ones affected by this. Women can also be affected with this baldness. Less than 50% of the affected are women.

Finally, children can also have baldness. For children, there are a number of reasons why they can have it. Simply tying their hair too tight could be a cause.

The Scientific Facts

So, what is the cause of this baldness? Well most of it is inherited from the genes of your parents. Chances are that if your parents were or are going bald, then you have a chance too.

Research has stated though that even though both parents’ DNA is taken into account, it is the genes of the mother that pass on the baldness more than the father. This baldness is tied to a specific gene that scientists have identified.

With all this talk of genes, it is easy to dismiss hair loss as a natural occurrence. “It is what it is,” is the popular quote.

However, it should not be ignored that hair loss may signify other health problems as well. It could point to something in the prostate or an increase in heart problems.

The Solution

People have always looked for a solution to baldness. They try out different creams, lotions, diets, and whatever people can latch on to and give them hope.

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost though. There are medications out there that address hair loss, but if people are really adamant about keeping their head full of hair, they can have surgery.

It has been recorded that more than 300,000 people have had hair surgeries. Out of the whole world, the most surgeries actually come from Asia.

These are a few facts and statistics about hair loss. Stay aware and if it happens to you, take in stride.